A Coventry brewery has taken a supporting role in a singalong musical at Assembly Festival Garden.

Twisted Barrel Brewery and Tap House, based in FarGo Village, has created a custom pale ale for city centre audiences to enjoy during summer performances of The Choir of Man at Assembly Festival Garden.

The show, which includes renditions of huge hits from Guns N’ Roses, Adele, Avicii, Paul Simon, Sia and more across an hour of singalong entertainment set in a pub, features a real working bar on stage, with characters sharing out drinks fresh from kegs of exclusively made Twisted Barrel ale.

The 4.0% pale ale brewed especially for the show is handed out at the start of shows and will be served for the duration of The Choir of Man’s Assembly Festival Garden residency, with 4.30pm, 8.30pm and 8.45pm shows running throughout the week until Saturday, July 30.

Twisted Barrel beverages are also available at the Assembly Festival Garden bar.

Carl Bonwick, General Manager of The Choir of Man, said: “We couldn’t resist enjoying summer in Coventry and renewing our partnership with Twisted Barrell who have created a cracking ‘Choir of Man Pale Ale’ that beautifully complements our show.

“Choir of Man is a love letter to our local pubs and the perfect antidote to life’s worries, through singing songs and sharing pints with the friendly audiences of Coventry.

“It’s an unapologetically feel-good night out with singing, dancing and exploring why the pub has such a deep-rooted place in so many of our hearts.

“So please raise a glass to Twisted Barrel and to this most beloved institution whilst listening to classic tunes in nine-part harmony with a cold beer in hand!

Chris Cooper, Director at Twisted Barrel Brewery and Tap House said: “We are pleased and honoured that the Choir of Man asked us to provide a signature beer for their show at the Assembly Festival Gardens for a second year.

“We hope everyone who sees the show has a fantastic time, and of course enjoys our beer, and we welcome anyone to our Tap House at FarGo Village if they want to discover more of our range.”

To book tickets for The Choir of Man at Assembly Festival Garden, visit assemblyfestivalgarden.com/whats-on/the-choir-of-man

For more information about Twisted Barrel Brewery and Tap House, visit www.twistedbarrelale.co.uk