The Thrill of the Pitch: A Football Fan’s Ultimate Guide to Coventry Away Days

Football pulses through the veins of Coventry, a city where the passion of the game is only rivalled by the warmth of its locals. Whether it’s the roaring excitement of a stadium or the gentle hum of a pub full of fans, Coventry offers a football away day experience like no other. So, lacing up those trainers and get ready, because we’re diving into a day of thrilling football, Coventry-style! 

A photo of football fans watching a football match at the CBS Arena
A photo of the Jimmy Hill Statue

A Historic club in a historic city 

Coventry City FC formed as Singers F.C. in 1883 following a general meeting of the Singer Factory Gentleman’s club.  

Following 106 years at Highfield Road, the Coventry Building Society Arena became home to Coventry City in 2005, the stadium is completely enclosed, with seating available in all four corners. Outside the stadium there is a bronze statue of the late Jimmy Hill, who guided the club to the top flight as manager between 1961 and 1967.  

Away fans visiting the Coventry Building Society Arena are located in the South Stand, near the corner that meets the West Stand, with a typical allocation of around 3,000. 

The centre circle: Getting to Football-Fuelled Coventry 

Coventry, conveniently situated at the heart of the UK, boasts impressive connectivity making it easy for football enthusiasts to descend upon its vibrant scene. Here’s a breakdown:  

By Train: Coventry Railway Station, a major hub, connects the city directly to London, Birmingham, and many other destinations. It’s a mere 10-minute train ride from Birmingham and just under an hour from London Euston. 

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By Car: Situated in the heart of the UK the Coventry is within two-hour drive of 75% of the population. If you’re travelling by car, Coventry Building Society Arena is just 800 yards from Junction 3 of the M6 and within easy distance of the M1 and M40. There is both on-site car parking at the Coventry Building Society Arena and off-site car parking nearby. For away fans, Car Park C is the closest available paid parking to the South Stand. 

By Air: Birmingham International Airport is your nearest port of call if you’re flying in. It’s just a short train ride or drive away from Coventry, making it a breeze to get to the city once you land. 

Local Transport: Once in Coventry, the city’s bus network and local taxis are efficient ways to get around, ensuring you reach your football destination promptly. 

Planning in advance and checking the best routes and timings can ensure your football journey to Coventry starts and ends on a winning note! 

The Ultimate Coventry Football Bucket List  

The Coventry Building Society Arena: A modern jewel, home to Coventry City FC, it’s a must-visit for any football enthusiast. Feel the electrifying energy as you join thousands of other fans cheering on their teams. 

Pregame pint? Before the match, head to the Castle Grounds for a refreshing pint and give your pre match predictions with friendly locals. 

“We’ve got history!”: Unlock the city’s past and unearth the fascinating tales of old from times gone by as you explore the ancient city of Coventry. Explore our world-famous heritage by visiting awe-inspiring places of worship, medieval abbeys and grand castles. Wonder awaits!

Dance the Night Away: Whether you’re celebrating a win or shaking off a loss, 147 Nightclub electric atmosphere promises a night of unabashed fun. 

Extra time: After the exhilarating highs and lows of a football match, there’s nothing quite like sinking into a comfortable bed in a cozy setting. Coventry, with its mix of historic charm and modern comforts, offers a range of accommodations that cater to every fan’s preference and pocket. 

Football might be a game of two halves, but in Coventry, the fun continues long after the match concludes. Dive into the city’s lively scene and make your away day experience truly memorable! 

FAQs – The Football Fan’s Coventry Query Corner  

Q: Where’s the best place to grab a pre-match meal? 
A: No trip to Coventry is complete without a quick detour to Brazil. Luckily, you’ll find a taste of South America at Rodizio Rico. From the moment you step through their door you’re immersed in the authentic atmosphere of Brazilian-style dining, where the emphasis is on unlimited freshly grilled meats served directly from the charcoal grill by experienced passadors. 

Q: How far is Coventry Building Society Arena from Coventry city centre? 
A: Coventry Building Society Arena is approximately 6 miles north of Coventry city centre. It’s easily accessible by bus, taxi, or car and takes about 15-20 minutes in normal traffic. 

Q: Are there designated areas for away fans in Coventry? 
A: Yes, away fans have a designated section at the Coventry Building Society Arena to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attending. 

Q: Is Coventry safe? 
A: Coventry is generally a safe city for tourists. Like any urban area, it’s wise to stay aware of your surroundings and take basic precautions, but violent crime rates are relatively low. 

Q: Can I explore Coventry on foot? 
A: Coventry city centre is pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to explore on foot. You can also rent bicycles or use public transportation for longer journeys within the city. 

Q: What are the best public transport options in Coventry? 
A: Coventry has an efficient bus network, with many routes serving the city centre and surrounding areas. The train station also provides excellent connections to nearby cities. 

Q: Where can I park near Coventry Building Society Arena? 
A: Coventry Building Society Arena has multiple car parks. It’s advisable to book parking in advance, especially on match days. There are also off-site parking options within walking distance. 

For more information about parking, please click here.

Q: Are there any iconic landmarks I should visit while in Coventry? 
A: Definitely! Coventry Cathedral, the Coventry Transport Museum, and the Herbert Art Gallery are among the must-visits. 

Q: What are the pub options for away fans visiting the Coventry Building Society Arena?

A: Unfortunately options are limited for away fans around the ground. For the best experience, we recommend disembarking at the train station in the city centre, where you can enjoy a variety of establishments for drinks and refreshments. Once done, you can then commute to the arena, leaving plenty of time for kick off.

Please Drink Responsibly

Having these FAQs at your fingertips ensures that your away trip to Coventry is smooth and filled with unforgettable football moments! 

Football and Beyond: Why Coventry? 

Coventry is not just about football; it’s a tapestry of history, art, and culture. But what sets Coventry apart on a football away day? It’s the city’s infectious passion for the game. When the whistle blows, and the game starts, there’s a unified rhythm of heartbeats, a chorus of cheers, and an unforgettable atmosphere. 

A Final Call to Every Football Enthusiast   

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