147 Nightclub

Address: 147 Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5DY
Website: https://www.147nightclub.com/


147 Nightclub is a late-night entertainment venue located just a short walk from Coventry city centre. The club was taken over during the lockdown in 2021 and has been rejuvenated to become one of Coventry’s most popular late-night venues! They offer a unique experience by catering for people of all ages and cultures, guests aged 18 dance the night away alongside guests in their 60s and all ages in between. 

The club has seen lots of improvements in its two-year existence including new state of the art sound systems both inside, outside and also in our new VIP bar and outdoor terrace. They have also added innovative modern lighting, lasers and smoke machines to make the visual display different from anywhere else! 

The club has housed famous DJs including TeeDee as well as some VIP guests like boxing world champion Ricky Hatton on multiple occasions. 

They strive to be more than just a nightclub; they aim to welcome guests with open arms making them feel like they are part of the 147 family. This also means they take part in community projects such as raising money for the hospital UHCW as well as other great causes.