From Playful Days…

…to Summer Nights

Summer in Coventry is a time when the city truly comes alive with vibrant energy, cultural richness, and an array of playful activities that captivate both locals and visitors alike. As the sun graces the historic streets, Coventry becomes a city full of possibilities, offering an enchanting blend of heritage, creativity, and modern charm.

As the sun sets, Coventry’s nightlife comes alive with a kaleidoscope of entertainment options. Sample exquisite cuisine at one of the city’s many restaurants, offering everything from international delicacies to traditional British fare. Then, venture into Coventry’s vibrant nightlife scene, where bars, pubs, and clubs pulsate with music and merriment.

Playful Days

  • Fun on a Budget

    Summer is a fantastic time to explore Coventry’s beautiful parks, historical sites, and vibrant cultural scene. But with so many options, deciding where to go and what to do can be challenging, especially if you’re on a budget.
  • Playful Days Out

    Coventry is a city rich in history and culture, perfect for those who want to explore and be inspired. If you’re planning on visiting this summer, you won’t want to miss these top attractions.
  • Explore our city attractions

    Be wowed by all that Coventry has to offer. From top-class sport to beautiful country walks and world-famous theatre – you’ll find lots to do in Coventry and throughout the surrounding areas.
  • Discover the past

    Coventry is a city steeped in rich culture and heritage. From its origins as a medieval market town to its role as the centre of the British car industry, Coventry has a fascinating history that is reflected in its numerous cultural attractions.
  • A weekend itinerary

    If you are looking for a particular landmark or attraction during your visit to Coventry, then be sure to use our handy visitor guide and maps.
  • Visitor informaiton

    Planning your trip to Coventry? We can help! This page will provide you with the most up-to-date travel information, as well as itineraries and maps to help you navigate the city during your time with us.



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