Heritage Open Days

“Creativity Unwrapped”: Coventry’s 29th Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days in Coventry will take place from Friday 8 September to Sunday 17 September.

For nearly three decades, Coventry has embraced Heritage Open Days, a cherished tradition that unravels the city’s captivating history. From the prominent landmarks of Coventry’s old and new Cathedrals to the cultural treasures of St Mary’s Guildhall and Holy Trinity Church, this occasion highlights both the evident and concealed gems that define Coventry’s identity.

Beyond the surface, Coventry’s Heritage Open Days reveal hidden gems that intrigue and enlighten all who explore them. These gems, often accessible exclusively during this event, offer an intriguing blend of entertainment and education, enriching the experience for every visitor.

An alluring aspect of Heritage Open Days in Coventry is its accessibility – it’s free! As we come together to celebrate our heritage and creativity, there are no barriers to experiencing the beauty and stories that Coventry holds within its heart.


Discover the past

Coventry is steeped in rich heritage and culture. From medieval buildings to modern architecture, there are plenty of things to see and do. Here’s an itinerary for visiting some of the most notable historical and heritage sites in Coventry.

Download our printable map and itinerary to start discovering Coventry’s Culture and Heritage. 


Venues taking part