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JOY…inspired by nature

Feel the joy at our Summer exhibition.

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Acclaimed artists Nicola Richardson and Marianne Taviner of Vortex Creates have transformed the space into an eye-popping wonderland that playfully reconnects us to nature.

Joy transcends individual boundaries, fostering a sense of unity and shared humanity. Nature inspires and connects us to something larger than ourselves, fostering a sense of awe and wonder. JOY…inspired by nature immerses you in the wonder of joyful designs and transformative spaces.

Wander through larger-than-life installations that infuse the gallery with bursts of colour and delight. Marvel at Vortex Creates’ two new works that find joyous connections between creativity and nature. Discover dazzling works by local artists curated by Vortex Creates specifically for the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery.

Giant flowers? Check. Bursts of rainbow colours? You bet. Sounds and smells that awaken inner tranquillity. This show wants to connect you to nature, sparking your joy; and with the duo’s signature bold and beautiful designs infusing every inch, you’re in for a treat.

JOY …inspired by nature features two special commissions, a scentscape by Gemma Costin and a soundscape by Ashley James Brown. Local artist, Abeda Begum joins the team in crafting the final installation.

Exhibiting artists include Aaron Law Photography, Adele Mary Reed & Allan Van Wijgerden, Amanda Randall, Charlie Tophill, Clare Pentlow, Ekin Bozkurt, Gavin Munro, Hannah Rollason, Ian William White, John Simpson, Kim Hackleman, Mandip Singh Seehra, Michala Gyetvai, Petrica Bistran and Polly Merredew.

Exhibition Programme:

COMING SOON: Making Artist Workshops

Tuesday 7 & Wedneday 8 May 2024

JOY…inspired by nature spills outside the Herbert’s walls, spreading its feel-good vibe throughout the community. Need an infusion of joy? Enjoy making as much as Nicola and Marianne? Join us at the making artist workshops on 7 & 8 May to discover the Vortex process and contribute to their final installation.

JOY…inspired by nature has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England Project grant and Culture Coventry.

Discover Vortex Creates:

Since 2008, Vortex Creates has brought big concepts to life through intricate designs and world-class making. Working across the events and arts sector, dynamic duo Nicola Richardson and Marianne Taviner have spent 15 years transforming spaces and igniting the imagination of audiences with their creative design magic.

Their playful style and creative approach has delivered commissions from galleries, theatres, hotels and outdoor events across the UK. With a flair for devising detailed concepts, Nicola and Marianne nurture ideas, inspire, curate and create art for the senses. The results are breathtaking, joyful spectacles and thought-provoking themes.

From a carnival to a city square, an ice rink and a rooftop, Vortex Creates generates engaging, immersive spaces that spark connection with the environment and each other. Experience the wonderment and joy of Vortex Creates – they always bring the sparkle.

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JOY Artists:

Gemma Costin

Gemma makes work that privileges scent, which engages with and is inspired by mythology, folklore and botany. They embrace the ephemeral materiality of fragrance; exploring how olfaction can evoke powerful memories, affect our emotions, and has the ability to generate visceral responses.

Gemma believes there is more to art than what we can experience visually, and this is what they like to investigate in their creative practice.  Visit the exhibition to experience her new scentcape.

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Ashley James Brown

Ashley has been working with Vortex to add a sound dimension to the exhibition inspired by the murmurations of birds.  Ashley is an internationally respected artist and developer from Coventry. His immersive digital experiences blend code, electronics, and sound with narrative storytelling. His 15-year career spans cutting-edge software, hardware, arts, gaming, media, education, business, and charitable sectors. Ashley’s interactive and co-creative artworks playfully explore game psychology, human-computer interaction, and nostalgia to engage audiences emotionally. His passion for positive mental health and social interaction drives thoughtful experiences for diverse audiences. An electronic musician under the name Arctic Sunrise, Ashley has scored dance films and performances, released his work internationally, and won the 2009 UK Laptop Battle Championship.

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Abeda Begum

Abeda has worked with Vortex over the past couple of years as a freelancer and joins them for the making workshops and in crafting the final installation. A self-taught, passionate Bangladeshi costume designer, they specialise in the design and production of costumes for theatre and dance companies. Abeda delivers textile workshops for various community organisations, focusing on wellbeing and promoting mental health. They have taught a variety of embroidery stitches and craft techniques to students and people in the community, at various organisations. As a British Bangladeshi, Abeda aims to be a positive role model for young women who might not traditionally consider a career in the live arts sector.