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Crafting Streets Of Coventry

Crafting Streets Of Coventry

• Saturday 23 March – Saturday 6 April (excluding Sundays)
• 10.30am – 3:30pm
• £2.50 per child, under 3s FREE | Pay on the day | Drop in
• Ages 3+, but all are welcome

Join us to explore Coventry through creative arts and immersive experiences this Easter. Taking inspiration from our permanent exhibitions, ‘History Gallery’ and ‘Godiva Gallery,’ we will be crafting through two weeks of exciting activities, learning new skills as we reimagine Coventry street scenes and people of Coventry from the past, present and future.

Saturday 23, Monday 25 & Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 March
Posca Wooden Eggs – Spring has filled Coventry’s urban streets; The trees bloom with life and green leaves, and birds are busy constructing their nests and laying eggs. Taking inspiration from nature, decorate natural wooden eggs this spring with playful patterns, using Posca pens and other embellishments like glitter, sequence wool and more!

Thursday 28, Friday 29, Saturday 30 March
Posca Jar Lanterns – Light up the streets of Coventry by making fun lantern jars! During World War II, people in Coventry had to keep the streetlights and the lights in their homes turned off in the evening, and they used candles to see in the dark. Make your own colourful candle holders out of glass jars. Decorate your glass jar with posca pens and adorn it with embellishments to play with a colourful array of light illuminations. A battery-operated tealight will also be provided to go inside your wonderful creation.

Monday 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3 April
Posca Totes – Young artists will reimagine characters from the past, present or future that have ridden or walked the streets of Coventry. Using Posca pens to illustrate and customise their canvas tote bags and add embellishments like pom poms, sequence and more. Take home and wear your creations in the streets of Coventry or anywhere else.

Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6 April
Posca White Stones – Get creative with stone art! Design illustrations on white stones using a colourful array of posca pens. Will your illustration be nature inspired, your favourite person, or creature, or a meaningful affirmation? Or something else? Experiment with background colours and add embellishments to enhance your designs. Take home and display on your front doorstep or a community street garden.