Mana Spa

Address: New Union St, Coventry, CV1 2PS
Phone: 024 7625 2565


Mana Spa is a place of relaxation and realignment. It’s where you go to find balance and peace again, to treat yourself and restore your energies. Focusing on wellness and well-being, Mana Spa is an essential part of your wider health and fitness regime.

Mana Spa is inspired by  Maori culture, with mana representing a source of healing and spiritual energy. Mana Spa is a place to recharge your own spiritual energy. 

Achieving balance within ourselves is crucial to being well and healthy. That’s why Mana Spa’s Maori-themed rooms accentuate the importance of harmony. Their Moana, Whenua and Wairere rooms take their names from the Maori words for Ocean, Earth and Waterfall.

Come and recharge your spirit in beautiful surroundings. The Mana Spa is their for you to tend to your spiritual energy and your physical health.