Coventry’s New Cathedral

Address: Priory St, Coventry, CV1 5FB
Phone: 024 7652 1200


Coventry’s New Cathedral is almost shockingly modern – and designed to reveal its charms only slowly. On entering via the “West” window (it actually faces south), your attention will be drawn towards the huge tapestry, filling the wall at the opposite end of the nave. The tapestry is usually bathed in light, yet almost no windows are visible: just tall, grey walls. With your back to the entrance, only one window can be seen – but it is big, beautifully colourful, especially at the start of each day, when sunlight shines directly through it. At its foot, for baptisms which mark new life and beginnings, is the Bethlehem font, carved from a rock brought here from the birthplace of Christ.

The position of the Baptismal window and font at this end of the nave, is a clue. As you make your way along its length, the side windows, each symbolising the trials of life, reveal themselves. Eventually, you reach the altar and the Cross of Nails: death. Yet you can go further still, to the Lady Chapel and the great Sutherland Tapestry depicting Christ in Glory, after death. And from this ‘Resurrection perspective’, the New Cathedral looks very different, indeed.

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