Baxter Baristas

Address: 16 Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD
Phone: 024 7625 7300


Baxter Baristas food and drinks are handcrafted to reflect their neighbourhood.

They support other local businesses and suppliers at every step.

Baxter Baristas mouth-watering brunch and lunch menus all include fantastic gluten-free and vegan options.

All of Baxter Baristas featured coffee and hot chocolate brands are fair trade and organic as standard – what’s not to love?

But they also know coffee cries out for cake too -and you can’t beat their sweet offerings either.

All meticulously fresh and prepared with love, Baxter Baristas cakes really hit the spot.

Have you ever tried Coventry Godcakes for example? Once tasted, this slice of heaven is sure to become a firm favourite.