City Centre Cultural Gateway celebrates major filming milestones

Coventry’s City Centre Cultural Gateway (CCCG) has become a bustling hub for film and television productions, elevating the city’s cultural significance on the national stage.

Used as the location for numerous notable productions, the CCCG continues to solidify its reputation as a premier filming destination.

The excitement surrounding the CCCG continues with the forthcoming airing of the much-anticipated series, Style It Out. Produced by the BBC, the show is set to premiere on Wednesday 10 January.

Viewers can catch a glimpse of the vast interior of the CCCG and appreciate the versatility of the former IKEA space which will soon be transformed into a vibrant cultural hub.

Style It Out is a series delving into the world of fashion, style and personal expression, targeting a youthful audience eager to explore the latest trends and fashion-forward ideas.

The CCCG was recently in the spotlight due to the filming of Lenny Henry’s Three Little Birds which showcased the versatility of the location.

Alongside Three Little Birds, the production of This Town, in collaboration with Kudos This Town production company, also further emphasises the CCCG’s growing influence in the entertainment industry.

Councillor David Welsh, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said: “I’m thrilled that yet another production filmed inside our City Centre Cultural Gateway is making it to national television. The influx of high-profile productions that are being filmed in the space is a testament to Coventry’s rich cultural heritage and evolving landscape.

“These significant filming endeavours not only bring economic benefits but also shine a spotlight on our city, putting Coventry on the map as a sought-after destination for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike.

“When the building transformation has been completed, the Cultural Gateway will be another venue for Coventry’s budding creatives to utilise.

“I’m so pleased that the BBC chose our fantastic city centre location to work in. I can’t wait to see Style It Out broadcast on television.”

The filming of the ten-episode series, Style It Out, took place inside the CCCG during July and August of 2023.

Mark Hughes-Webb, Studio Director at Sky Blue Studios added: “Sky Blue Studios has made the CCCG its home over the last two years and we are delighted to be able to host Lion Television’s new show for CBBC, Style It Out, with its focus on sustainable fashion, recycling and upcycling.

“Bringing high-profile celebrity and industry judges to Coventry and showcasing the amazing interior of the CCCG to a national and international audience will help increase Coventry’s visibility as a media production centre with sustainability and youth at its core. It also gives Sky Blue Studios an increased profile as a sustainable first studio”.

While the CCCG has made the most of its interim use as a film and TV production studio and a space for esports, as well as technology showcases and events, the plans for construction are still underway with the aim to begin the cultural hub transformation this year.

Partners including Coventry University, British Council, British Arts Council, Arts Council England and CV Life will all play a part in the transformation.

Watch the programme tonight on CBBC or BBC iPlayer at 6pm.